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Overseeing an apartment building or complex in Montreal involves numerous responsibilities. When it comes to maintaining cleanliness, turn to Vertnet Cleaning Services, the leading commercial cleaning service in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Ottawa, Gatineau, and Quebec, for top-notch apartment cleaning solutions.

Apart from our standard apartment building cleaning services, our apartment maids cleaners also offer apartment restoration and post-move-out cleaning and painting services. These additional services assist property managers in efficiently refreshing apartments before new tenants arrive.

Contact us today to discover why our Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Montreal are highly sought-after, and why our clients have trusted us for decades.

Reliable & Affordable Building Cleaning & Maintenance Services in Montreal

Elevate your apartment building’s appeal with top-notch cleaning services. Trust us to maintain a spotless environment for residents in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Ottawa, Gatineau, and Quebec.

Vertnet Building Cleaning Montreal Services offers essential professional services customized to meet the specific needs of each facility in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, Lévis and surrounded area.

We are proud to offer you friendly service, reliable quality, and communication that is second to none.

Our company specializes in commercial cleaningindustrial cleaningjanitorial service and building maintenance in Montreal and surrounded area.

Our Montreal maids cleaners are committed to providing our clients with the attention to detailed office cleaning that the business demands, in order to meet your own personal standards of excellence while reflecting the professional image you wish to project to your clients and employees. We offer both contract and on-demand cleaning services.

Each establishment comes with unique cleaning requirements. Your dedicated cleaning service collaborates with you to customize the level of care you require. You can opt for regular weekly cleaning of communal spaces, including the leasing office, community center, and fitness center. Alternatively, you can arrange deep cleaning for units as they become vacant or for model units showcased to prospective tenants.

Our commercial maids cleaners partner with you to personalize their services according to your specifications. The outcome is a property that shines, drawing in the caliber of clientele you desire.

Here is a list of tasks for each cleaning visit for apartment buildings in janitorial services:

  1. Clean and sanitize common areas such as lobbies, hallways, and staircases.
  2. Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors in common areas.
  3. Dust and wipe down surfaces such as handrails, elevator buttons, and light fixtures.
  4. Clean and disinfect entrance doors, including handles and glass surfaces.
  5. Empty and clean trash receptacles in common areas.
  6. Clean and sanitize mailrooms, including mailboxes and package delivery areas.
  7. Clean and sanitize laundry rooms, including machines, counters, and sinks.
  8. Clean and disinfect gym facilities, including equipment, floors, and surfaces.
  9. Clean and disinfect recreational areas such as pool decks and barbecue areas.
  10. Clean and sanitize public restrooms, including toilets, sinks, and mirrors.
  11. Clean and sanitize office areas, including desks, chairs, and reception areas.
  12. Clean and polish entranceway floors.
  13. Clean and dust common area furniture.
  14. Spot clean walls and remove any marks or stains.
  15. Check and replenish supplies such as toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels.

This comprehensive list ensures that apartment buildings remain clean, safe, and welcoming for residents and visitors alike.

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Vertnet Cleaning Services has been an absolute lifesaver for our business. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in cleaning our office space is unparalleled. Not only do they leave our workspace sparkling clean, but their environmentally friendly approach aligns perfectly with our company values. Highly recommend their services!

Sarah D.

Business Owner

I can’t thank Vertnet Cleaning Services enough for their outstanding work. As a busy homeowner, finding time to keep up with cleaning was a challenge until we hired Vertnet. Their team is professional, reliable, and always goes the extra mile to ensure our home is spotless. It’s such a relief to come home to a clean and fresh environment after a long day. Thank you, Vertnet!

Mark T.


Vertnet Cleaning Services has transformed our commercial space. Their expertise in commercial cleaning is evident in the exceptional results they consistently deliver. From meticulously cleaning our windows to sanitizing high-traffic areas, their team ensures our facility is not only clean but also hygienic and inviting for our clients and employees. We’re grateful to have Vertnet as our cleaning partner.

Emily L.

Facility Manager

Why Us?

At Vertnet Cleaning Services, we are more than just a team of maids cleaners – we are a family. We understand the importance of creating a clean and safe environment for our clients, and we take pride in the work that we do. Our passion for cleanliness stems from our own experiences growing up in homes where cleanliness was not always prioritized. We know firsthand how a clean space can create a sense of peace and comfort, and that’s why we pour our hearts into every job.

Each member of our team brings their own unique perspective and dedication to the table, allowing us to provide top-notch cleaning services with care and attention to detail. Whether it’s scrubbing floors or disinfecting surfaces, we approach each task with love and empathy. Our goal is not just to tidy up spaces, but to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. With Vertnet Cleaning Services, you can trust that your space will be treated with the same level of care as if it were our own.

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Frequently asked questions about commercial cleaning and janitorial services

Apartment building janitorial services typically include cleaning and maintenance of common areas such as lobbies, hallways, staircases, elevators, laundry rooms, gym facilities, and outdoor spaces. This may involve tasks such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, trash removal, and restroom cleaning.

The frequency of janitorial services for apartment buildings varies depending on factors such as the size of the building, the number of residents, and the level of foot traffic. Typically, services are provided on a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly basis to ensure that common areas remain clean and well-maintained.

Yes, most janitorial service providers offer customizable packages to meet the specific needs of apartment buildings. Property managers can work with the service provider to tailor the scope of services, scheduling, and frequency to fit their budget and requirements.

Many janitorial service companies offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions and practices to minimize environmental impact. This may include the use of green cleaning products, energy-efficient equipment, and sustainable waste management practices to promote a healthier indoor environment for residents and reduce ecological footprint.

Property managers can ensure the quality of janitorial services by partnering with reputable and experienced service providers who prioritize customer satisfaction and adhere to industry standards. Regular communication, inspections, and feedback mechanisms can also help address any issues promptly and maintain high cleaning standards.

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Elevate your apartment building's appeal with top-notch cleaning services in Montreal. Trust us to maintain a spotless environment for residents.
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