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When it comes to commercial janitorial, sanitation is not the only important concern. A clean commercial facility represents a good corporate professional image. In addition, a well kept clean place reduces the risk of allergies and other illnesses. That means office cleaning provides a better and healthier environment for customers and employees. As a result you have a more productive and professional business.

Vertnet Cleaning & Maintenance Services is an experienced, professional, Montreal, Laval commercial cleaning company that can help you to keep your facility with a professional image and healthy environment. We create individual commercial cleaning accordance to our clients needs, But whether you need a daily, weekly, monthly or just a one-time clean up, with Vertnet you are guaranteed to receive affordable, top quality service. Vertnet Cleaning & Maintenance Services is to meet or exceed its clients’ satisfaction by providing the highest quality commercial cleaning service in Montreal, Laval area, and at reasonable prices.

Vertnet Cleaning & Maintenance Services Montreal, Laval, provides the best cleaning equipment available. As an environmental friendly company, we offer enviro-friendly supplies with all our commercial cleaning services. Our highly trained team of co-workers is also trained to use green cleaning methods.

Nettoyage Vertnet stands behind our work. We’re confident that you will be completely satisfied with our commercial cleaning services. Our commercial cleaning experts go above and beyond to ensure that all of our clients are satisfied with our cleaning services. No matter the type of business you are in, Nettoyage Vertnet delivers professional, consistent cleaning services that keep your employees happy, safe, and healthy.

Vertnet is a professional, licensed, honest and insured company that has built its reputation by being operated with proffesionalism and integrity.

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