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Montreal Window Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Is window cleaning important? Consider this: What are your first thoughts when you look through a dirty window located in a commercial establishment? If you are like most people, they are negative thoughts—and negative thoughts can lead to negative outcomes. This can mean lost sales, lost contracts, and unhappy workers.

Our window cleaning service does more than simply remove dirt and grime from glass surfaces. It also provides your visitors and employees a clear, transparent view of the world and tells them that you care about your commercial space and that you care about them. This results in a good impression of your company. And good impressions often lead to good outcomes.

Montreal shoppers require a certain level of cleanliness when they visit an establishment or look from outside. A clean window means you will have better visibility to the public and will help you generate better results and more chance of shoppers entering your store or office.

Vertnet provides eco-friendly window cleaning for Montreal area commercial establishments of all sizes.

Our regular service plans include – but are not limited to – weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly window cleaning services. Customized service plans are also available to cater to your business needs.

Why not contact us today and let’s discuss how our window cleaning service can put you a step ahead of the competition, while at the same time keeping within your budget.

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