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Pre-sale cleaning is an essential step in the home selling process. Investing in professional real estate sale cleaning services can increase the perceived value of your property and lead to a higher sale price. By creating a clean and well-maintained environment, you can make a positive first impression on potential buyers and increase their interest in your home. So, if you’re planning to sell your home, don’t underestimate the power of pre-sale cleaning in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Ottawa, Gatineau, and Quebec.

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As the real estate market continues to thrive, the demand for pre-sale home cleaning services is on the rise. Homeowners and real estate agents are realizing the importance of presenting a spotless property when listing it for sale. The first impression is crucial when showcasing a house to potential buyers, and a clean, well-maintained home can significantly impact their decision-making process.

Professional pre-sale home cleaning and pre-listing cleaning services go beyond just tidying up; they focus on deep cleaning, decluttering, and enhancing the overall appeal of the property. From meticulously cleaning every corner to organizing spaces for optimal presentation, these services help create an inviting atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers. By investing in such realtors and real estate cleaning services services, sellers can increase the perceived value of their property and maximize their chances of attracting qualified buyers who appreciate a well-cared-for home. In today’s competitive real estate market, where presentation is key, pre-sale home cleaning has become an essential step in ensuring a seamless selling process.

A clean and well-maintained home not only boosts curb appeal but also creates a positive emotional connection with prospective buyers. When a property exudes cleanliness and freshness, it conveys a sense of care and attention to detail that can leave a lasting impression. Vertnet professional maids cleaners are equipped with the expertise and tools to tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges, ensuring that every inch of the house sparkles before it hits the market in Montreal, Laval, North Shore, Longueuil, North Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, St-Nicolas, Lévis, Trois-Rivières, Bécancour, Saint-Maurice, Nicolet, Sainte-Catherine, Yamachiche, Shawinigan, Louiseville, Daveluyville, Pierreville, Drummondville and surrounding areas. We guarantee our work 100%.

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What’s Included In a Real Estate Sale Cleaning Services ?

Pre-sale Cleaning Checklist

A pre-sale cleaning or real estate sale cleaning checklist is an essential tool to ensure that your home is presented in the best possible condition to potential buyers. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to guide you through the process:

  1. General Cleaning:
    • Dust all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, and baseboards.
    • Vacuum carpets and rugs, and mop hard floors.
    • Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, and air vents.
    • Wipe down doors, door frames, and light switches.
    • Clean windows and window sills for a sparkling finish.
  2. Kitchen Cleaning:
    • Clean countertops, cabinets, and drawers inside and out.
    • Degrease and clean the stove, oven, and range hood.
    • Clean the refrigerator, including inside shelves and drawers.
    • Wipe down appliances, such as the microwave and dishwasher.
    • Clean and disinfect the sink and faucet.
  3. Bathrooms Deep Cleaning:
    • Scrub and sanitize the bathtub, shower, and tiles.
    • Clean and disinfect the toilet, including the seat and base.
    • Wipe down countertops, sinks, and faucets.
    • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces for a streak-free shine.
    • Replace old towels with fresh, clean ones.
  4. Bedrooms Housekeeping:
    • Make the beds with fresh linens and pillows.
    • Dust and polish furniture, including nightstands and dressers.
    • Vacuum carpets or rugs and clean hard floors.
    • Declutter and organize closets and drawers.
  5. Living Areas Cleaning:
    • Arrange furniture in a welcoming and inviting layout.
    • Dust and polish furniture surfaces, including coffee tables and side tables.
    • Vacuum upholstery and cushions to remove any dust or debris.
    • Remove any personal items or clutter to create a spacious feel.
  6. Exterior Cleaning:
    • Sweep and tidy up the front porch or entryway.
    • Mow the lawn and trim hedges for a neat appearance.
    • Clean windows and outdoor light fixtures.
    • Sweep or power wash outdoor pathways and decks.
    • Remove any debris or clutter from the yard.
  7. Finishing Touches:
    • Add fresh flowers or plants to enhance the ambiance.
    • Set the table with attractive place settings to showcase the dining area.
    • Ensure that all rooms are well-lit by opening curtains or blinds.
    • Consider using air fresheners or diffusers to create a pleasant scent throughout the home.

By following this pre-sale cleaning checklist, you can ensure that your home is presented in its best possible light, making it more attractive to potential buyers and maximizing its market value in Montreal, Laval, North Shore, Longueuil, North Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, St-Nicolas, Lévis, Trois-Rivières, Bécancour, Saint-Maurice, Nicolet, Sainte-Catherine, Yamachiche, Shawinigan, Louiseville, Daveluyville, Pierreville, Drummondville, Point Claire, West Island, Dollar des Ormaux DDO, Lasalle, Lachine, Dorval, Ahuntsick, Vaudreuil, Brossard, Pierrefonds, Boucherville, Blainville, Hochelaga, Champlain, St-Hubert, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Rivière des Prairies, Plateau Mont-Royal, Outremont, Westmount and surrounding areas. Vertnet Cleaning offers affordable deep cleaning services for offices, residential properties, apartments, condos, etc.

Vertnet Cleaning Services has been an absolute lifesaver for our business. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in cleaning our office space is unparalleled. Not only do they leave our workspace sparkling clean, but their environmentally friendly approach aligns perfectly with our company values. Highly recommend their services!

Sarah D.

Business Owner

I can’t thank Vertnet Cleaning Services enough for their outstanding work. As a busy homeowner, finding time to keep up with cleaning was a challenge until we hired Vertnet. Their team is professional, reliable, and always goes the extra mile to ensure our home is spotless. It’s such a relief to come home to a clean and fresh environment after a long day. Thank you, Vertnet!

Mark T.


Vertnet Cleaning Services has transformed our commercial space. Their expertise in commercial cleaning is evident in the exceptional results they consistently deliver. From meticulously cleaning our windows to sanitizing high-traffic areas, their team ensures our facility is not only clean but also hygienic and inviting for our clients and employees. We’re grateful to have Vertnet as our cleaning partner.

Emily L.

Facility Manager

Why Us?

At Vertnet Cleaning Services, we are more than just a team of maids cleaners – we are a family. We understand the importance of creating a clean and safe environment for our clients, and we take pride in the work that we do. Our passion for cleanliness stems from our own experiences growing up in homes where cleanliness was not always prioritized. We know firsthand how a clean space can create a sense of peace and comfort, and that’s why we pour our hearts into every job.

Each member of our team brings their own unique perspective and dedication to the table, allowing us to provide top-notch cleaning services with care and attention to detail. Whether it’s scrubbing floors or disinfecting surfaces, we approach each task with love and empathy. Our goal is not just to tidy up spaces, but to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. With Vertnet Cleaning Services, you can trust that your space will be treated with the same level of care as if it were our own.

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Frequently asked questions about luxury house cleaning and housekeeping services

Pre-sale cleaning refers to the process of thoroughly cleaning and tidying a property before it is put on the market for sale. It is essential because it helps to enhance the overall appearance of the property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. A clean and well-maintained property can leave a positive impression and potentially increase its market value.

Pre-sale cleaning involves a comprehensive cleaning of the entire property, both inside and out. This includes tasks such as dusting and vacuuming all surfaces, deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, decluttering and organizing spaces, and addressing any specific areas of concern. The goal is to make the property look its best for potential buyers.

It is recommended to schedule pre-sale cleaning as early as possible in the home selling process. Ideally, it should be done before any listing photos are taken or open houses are scheduled. This ensures that the property is presented in its best possible condition right from the start, maximizing its appeal to potential buyers.

While it is possible to do pre-sale cleaning yourself, hiring a professional cleaning service often yields better results. Professional cleaners have the expertise, equipment, and products to ensure a thorough and high-quality cleaning job. They can also save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of preparing your home for sale.

The cost of pre-sale cleaning can vary depending on factors such as the size of the property and the level of cleaning required. However, it is generally considered a worthwhile investment, as it can help to increase the property’s market value and attract more potential buyers. The cost of pre-sale cleaning is often far outweighed by the potential return on investment in terms of a faster sale and higher selling price.

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